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Your life is Beauty

All this is for you. Beauty is everywhere. In the cracks of walls, and broken statues, in the windowpane that leads the eyes to regard the splendour. Maybe there are flowers beyond the glass; but even if there isn't even one, your mind can imagine. That's where life takes place with its characters, its passions and its heartaches; it all stands upon that stage which is yours, alone.

Your mind and your heart warring like embattled lovers. The "I wants" with the "I haves" while a minor tragedy gets played out in those moments where you don't know what you stand for and with whom you stand. A million reasons to be outraged distracting you from the one thing you can control. Your play, with your characters, and your lines which can be flung out of your lips without thought for your heart or the heart of another; or can be brought lovingly forth with the thought, always being, my life is a creation from the Creator and therefore I will make of it something beautiful like the beauty that was made for me. My art (which is my life) will always and forever touch the lives of those who enter mine.

The ant walking on your countertop, a reminder of summer's kiss that lands on you from the orb hanging in the sky that grows your flowers and caresses your skin with its warmth.

In the midst of a mad world, with anger and distaste; remember the moments you can order and form in a way that creates art from a life that might seem meaningless and cruel.

If he or if she doesn't see the shining sea that stretches throughout your being and they are not brave enough or kind enough to sail its seas; rewrite your story.

And make it beautiful.

If you find life to be colourless, the palette awaits you. Pick up the brush and paint your life. You know how to do it. You know what your eyes must take in, your ears must hear, and your heart must feel and your mind must make sense of it, all, telling the difference between what is desperation, a cloying yell from the part of you that is not coming from love but from greed and your heart that beats a bit faster from the joy that living from a wellspring of beauty can bring you.

If you can not travel, open books and journey within your imagination which is another gift. If you can not be alone, savour the moments until solitude is yours. If you're lonely, reach out to the brokenhearted because their loneliness might be greater than yours.

Most of all, look up and look in.
That which created everything , created you, and gave you the gift of creation.

Everyone is an artist.

The planet is the canvas, your life is the colour. Do it lovingly, but do it.

Many lives are wasted, waiting.


  1. Is this public as I want to link to it but if it's not can I guest post it? It is everything in my soul- almost to the exact words - you have an uncanny way of doing that. I've already read it five times and I'm just blown away as it's everything that I've wanted to say! So so beautiful and inspiring but most of all - true. You beauty you

    1. 💗💕💗 it's public and yes, you can do with it as you wish. Your comment made my day! Thank you for that !! Xo

  2. Its published. Let me know if you take issue with anything. xoxo


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